Apply For A Home

Becoming a Habitat Partner Family and building a home of your own takes more than just building, it takes commitment, involvement, a willingness to partner with us, and work alongside our staff and volunteers to build your family a safe, decent, affordable home.

In addition to a family’s willingness to partner with Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity, they are selected based on their need for a safer, more secure, and affordable home, and their ability to pay back the no-profit, no-interest mortgage. In the end, each family we partner with becomes completely dedicated to owning their own home while continuing to help us assist other families for years to come. That is, each time a family pays their monthly principle mortgage payment, the amount paid is reinvested back into Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity to support more families into homes of their own.


Families who apply to become a Habitat Partner Family will be reviewed by our Family Selection committee and Board of Directors. Once approved, the Partner Family will begin the process of building a home of their own. All Habitat families are sold their home at-cost and are responsible for paying back the no-interest mortgage. 

Aside from a monthly mortgage, the family is also responsible for paying their property insurance and taxes, thereby reinvesting in the community. To ensure that Habitat continues to meet the need for affordable housing in the area for years to come, the home-buying process is structured so that we have the right of first refusal to buy back the home if the partner family decides to move within the first seven years of ownership.

In addition to requirements that each partner family must fulfill, each family is also encouraged to participate in educational classes offered by Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity to help them in the transition from renting to homeownership.

Review the Initial Requirements to see if your family qualifies to build a Habitat home.